Wikborg Rein has assisted Stadtwerke München GmbH ("SWM") with the acquisition of an ownership interest in Roan wind farm

We have assisted SWM with the acquisition of an ownership interest of 29.4% in Roan wind farm, the second largest wind farm in Norway.

On 5 March 2021, Stadtwerke München and TrønderEnergi AS ("TrønderEnergi") entered into an agreement with Statkraft AS in which SWM and TrønderEnergi acquired 49% and 51% of the shares in Roan Vind Holding AS respectively, which owns 52.1% of Roan wind farm through Roan Vind DA ("Roan Vind"). On the same date, Stadtwerke München and TrønderEnergi entered into an agreement in which SWM acquired 49% of the shares in TrønderEnergi Roan Holding AS, which owns 7.9% of Roan wind farm through Roan Vind. Both transactions were completed on 30 April 2021, and Stadtwerke München and TrønderEnergi has agreed to merge Roan Vind Holding AS and TrønderEnergi Roan Holding AS into a joint holding company which will own 60% of Roan Vind, owned 49% and 51% by Stadtwerke München and TrønderEnergi respectively. The remaining 40% of Roan Vind continues to be owned by Nordic Wind Power DA.

Roan wind farm consists of 71 wind turbines with a tower height of 87 metres and a blade length of 57 metres. The wind farm has an installed capacity of 255.6 MW and produces 884 GWh annually, which equals the power consumption of 44,000 households.

Wikborg Rein's core team comprised of Fred Arntzen Løchen and Ingeborg Collett, led by Tormod Ludvik Nilsen.

Photo: Fosen Vind/Ole Martin Wold.