Our partners

Our purpose is to cultivate the sharpest minds to make an impact on business and society. One of the ways we contribute to this is by supporting various people and organizations that work for peace, justice and human rights. Our lawyers are engaged with extensive pro bono work for our partners, and as a firm we provide financial support to various organizations.

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee is a non-governmental organization working to ensure that human rights are respected in practice through monitoring, reporting, teaching and democracy support. The Norwegian Helsinki Committee works particularly with states in Europe, Central Asia, North America, former Soviet states and in the Western Balkans.

In cooperation with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, we have, among other things, established a crisis fund to be used to assist human rights defenders in need of emergency assistance. We have also been involved with several of their activities, such as contributing to human rights education for school classes and as co-organizing a joint debate under Arendalsuken. 

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is a non-profit, non-public global human rights organization. The organization is especially known for investigating, objective reporting, effective use of media and targeted efforts, often with other human rights organizations. Wikborg Rein has contributed with sponsorships, fundraising and activities to strengthen Human Rights Watch's impressive work. Currently, we mainly assist the organization with pro bono work.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is the world's largest human rights organization fighting for freedom of expression and against discrimination and abuse. Wikborg Rein supports the organization through sponsorship.

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