Responsible business

Over the last 100 years, Wikborg Rein has assisted Norwegian and foreign businesses with corporate law issues. In recent years, we have witnessed significant developments with regards to the expectations that businesses are met with. Increasingly, businesses are expected to respect human rights, environmental standards and the fight against corruption.

We see that "soft law" is becoming more important and that this becomes "hard law" in a more rapid speed than before. This development represents a challenges for lawyers – a challenge that we welcome, because we believe that this will create value for both the clients and for society at large.

We place strict ethical demands on ourselves as lawyers and on our advice in each individual case. This is ensured by, amongst other things, the fact that all our lawyers conduct industry-leading courses in ethics and that the topic is high on the agenda internally it Wikborg Rein.

In addition, we wish to contribute positively to this development by informing about what is expected of a responsible business sector. We also support individuals and organizations working for peace, justice and human rights. In example of this is our collaboration with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, where we established a crisis fund in order to assist human rights defenders who need urgent assistance.

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  • Corporate Responsibility


    Our partners

    Our purpose is to cultivate the sharpest minds to make an impact on business and society. One of the ways we contribute to this is by supporting various people and organizations that work for peace, justice and human rights. Our lawyers are engaged with extensive pro bono work for our partners, and as a firm we provide financial support to various organizations.

  • Corporate Responsibility


    The crisis fund – human rights activist was released

    In March, Oyub Titiev from Memorial was sentenced to four years in a prison colony settlement on the basis of a politically motivated case and falsified evidence. Through The Norwegian Helsinki Committee's Crisis Fund Wikborg Rein has covered some of the expenditures for three lawyers which have fought a tireless battle against the corrupt legal system and the dangerous working conditions in Chechenya. Now, finally, Titiev has been released.

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    A responsible business life

    We are fully aware of the fact that businesses may have great impact on environment, society and individuals. Still, the last couple of years we have seen a significant development regarding requirements and expectations for businesses to act responsibly. Increasingly more investors and companies are focusing on responsibility and sustainability – business and ethics coincide.