Ethics and values

All our lawyers and employees hold a high ethical standard. Our promise to clients and collaborating parties is that we always behave just, honest and open.

We have internal ethical guidelines that goes further than the requirements from The Norwegian Bar Association. Our employees and partners are subject to strict rules for investments. In addition we have a strict procedure to enter into, execute and close an assignment. There should never be any doubt to our loyalty, integrity and independence. 

The ethical aspects of accepting an assignment and the way it is executed are evaluated on four different levels: 

  1. The responsible lawyer makes a first assessment,
  2. then it is appraised by the Head of Industry segment.
  3. If there are any doubts, the matter goes to the Managing Partner and if found necessary
  4. to the Ethics- and conflict partner.

This ensures that The Norwegian Bar Association's- and the firm's own ethical rules and regulations are followed. All employees and partners are regularly trained on these matters.

We also have a general Risk- and quality partner, Jan L. Backer, who is overlooking all our internal processes. Backer is also the firm's money laundering officer and reports directly to the board.

How we work

There will always be a responsible lawyer on all assignments, usually a partner or specialist counsel. These are authorised attorneys. With few exceptions, Wikborg Rein does not activate an attorney practising license for our senior associates and senior lawyers. These lawyers work on an assignment headed by a responsible lawyer. The responsible lawyer will be agreed from case to case.

Our objective is to exceed client expectationsand we will strive to deliver the little extra. We have four firm values that we embrace. Our values are fundamental to building a solid firm culture, and a solid firm culture is an absolute necessity to maintain our position as a leading law firm:

  • Client-focused expertise: Wikborg Rein provides knowledge and problem-solving capabilities of the highest quality. Client-focused expertise means our lawyers have superior academic, industrial and commercial expertise, which we strive to keep cutting edge to ensure the needs of our clients are always met.
  • Team spirit: The nature of the challenges presented by clients often mean we work together across disciplines in an effort to develop good solutions. Team spirit ensures a collective positive attitude towards our clients, the firm and our colleagues, based on cooperation and loyalty. We will protect our clients' interests in an effective manner and ensure our clients always have access to appropriate expertise.

  • Involvement: We approach and carry out all assignments and tasks with enthusiasm and dedication. We will deliver superior services and strive to exceed expectations, both those of our clients and other parties.

  • Integrity: Integrity means that the clients' needs and interests will always be maintained, within the framework of applicable laws and regulations. All employees at Wikborg Rein are to act in a trustworthy manner and show respect and tolerance, both within the firm and elsewhere. The company's ethical guidelines are to be followed by everyone.