Law Commentary by Cecilie Kvalheim to the Alternative Fund Managers Act

The Norwegian Alternative Fund Managers Act (the AIF-act) came into force 1 July 2014. The AIF-act implements the EU AIFM-directive which establishes an internal market for marketing and management of alternative investments funds to professional investors within the European Economic Area.

The AIFM-directive is aimed at enhancing investor protection as well as improving market access and creating a level international playing field for European participants. Managers of a number of previously unregulated collective investment vehicles have now become subject to regulation. The AIF-act introduces harmonised requirements applicable to managers and depositories of alternative funds. Alternative funds may according to the AIF-act also be permitted marketed to non-professional investors provided certain criteria are met.

Wikborg Rein-partner Cecilie Kvalheim has published a Norwegian Law Commentary to the AIF-act. The Law Commentary is published by Gyldendal Rettsdata. READ MORE.