We're investing in green entrepreneurs

We annually seek to boost the green shift by supporting technological development and innovation in Norway.

With the general focus on change, innovation and sustainability, we have decided to promote two solutions that contribute to growth and a reduced ecological foot print. It is the seventh year we assign this grant.

"This year, the grants are given to two companies with a very good business idea with a potential for green growth", says Torleif P. Dahl, Partner.

We assign Waveco AS, with its Subwave concept, an entrepreneurial grant for 2016. The grant consists of 30 hours of legal advice within a period of 12 months.

"We are extremely pleased with the grant. The grant from Wikborg Rein means access to legal expert competence of first grade when the company now will be rigged for a future on a global arena", says the managing director of Waveco AS, Inge Bakke.

Waveco AS aims to develop their Subwave concept to become the preferred choice of technology within the wave power sector worldwide. Subwave is based on mass produced, simple devices that can harvest energy from wave power.

In addition, we award Gether AS a second grant of fifteen hours legal advice to help developing solutions for dynamic termic storage of excess heat. The patented technology enables local, self-harvesting energy solutions for heating and cooling of buildings, industry processes and agriculture.

The award was presented by Torleif P. Dahl and Martine Cedergren Dysvik in Wikborg Rein's offices Thursday 4th of February.

Waveco AS was represented by board member and project manager Per Håkon Stenhaug, Gether was represented by board director Kaare Gether and CEO Harald Gether. Martine Cedergren Dysvik and Torleif P. Dahl on each side.