Focus on women

A long-term and sustainable project

Wikborg Rein strives to attract and develop highly-talented employees who contribute both to the development of our business and to society as a whole. In order to achieve this, we are constantly working to create a modern and flexible workplace for our employees. Gender equality is critical for our long-term cultural development, to say nothing of the quality of our work, our ability to innovate and the grown of our business.

Clear and firm goals

Wikborg Rein has set deadlines to achieve clear goals of increasing the female to male ratio at the senior lawyer and partner level. To obtain these goals, we are systematically working according to an action plan that reaches across our company and also focusing on developing our firm culture, attitudes and routines to ensure sustainable diversity.

Flexibility and adapted carrier plan

Many employees experience that at some stage in life it can be challenging to meet the demands of career development, especially when raising small children. Wikborg Rein therefore provides flexible and individual solutions for the individual employee in connection with maternity/paternity leave and the return to work.

Clear expectations and close follow-up

Wikborg Rein has changed the leader structure in order to ensure that employees, especially junior employees, get closer follow-up. Work is now organised in smaller teams, which provides the opportunity to ensure better allocation of assignments within and across teams, better individual supervision and, not least, more exciting assignments.

Mentor scheme and WR Femme

The leadership of Wikborg Rein has initiated a mentor scheme for a group of women at the senior lawyer level. These women will have partners as mentors and the pilot program will last for a year. The scheme will be evaluated and adjusted before being made available to a larger group of women.

In addition, our female senior lawyers have formed an informal group – WR Femme – in order to exchange ideas and discuss experiences. This group is also an important contributor and reference point for Wikborg Rein's goal of increasing the number of female partners and senior lawyers.

Visible results

Our goal of increasing the female ratio at the partner and senior lawyer level has yielded visible results and this year a significant number of female senior lawyers have been appointed. Out of twelve newly appointed senior lawyers, nine were women. We have a clear intention of closely follow-up with our female talents with regard to possible future partnerships. Our goal is to see early and visible result from our work to increase the ranks of female partners and seniors lawyers.