Our Social Life

Wikborg Rein has over a number of years been named Norway's most attractive employer within the industry. We are very proud of that!

Well-being and belonging are crucial factors to attract and keep the best co-workers. That is why it is important for us to create a good, positive and informal work environment and give high priority to our internal social life. We organise after works drinks ("fredagspils"), summer parties, New Year parties, department seminars etc., and we have our own house band "Lex Pistols", employees from different departments which adds to this.

Every third year, the entire firm goes on a trip abroad, where we get the chance to know our colleagues from all of our offices. This creates good memories and a strong sense of community.

The company sports team keeps us active. They organise both football and running practices, skiing and mountain trips and swimming activities throughout the winter. We have our own gym for those who want to use it, and we have regular boot camps and low-threshold workout sessions led by an external PT/physiotherapist.

In Wikborg Rein we wish to keep in touch with those who have left us. Every year we invite former employees to a professional and social Alumni meeting and our pensioners are invited to a Christmas lunch, where they have the opportunity to meet old colleagues.