Lesley Tan

Senior Lawyer

Lesley Tan is a Senior Lawyer at Wikborg Rein's London office where she is part of the Shipping Offshore practice. Although she was born and raised in Singapore, her years in London have made her an avid tea drinker. She kicks off her day with a nice cup of British favourite before she assists client with commercial litigations, dispute resolutions and arbitrations. 

People in Wikborg Rein work
hard and play hard

– I spend my days working on financing documents, dealing with questions from clients or engaging in dispute resolutions. On days when I have a closing or delivery it can get very hectic with meetings and emails. But I rather enjoy the fast pace and I love adrenaline that comes along with knowing I need to get the deal closed, she says. If there are deals which need to be closed or cases which need to be won, people commit 100 percent to get the job done.