Andreas Lindseth

Associate, Bergen

Andreas Lindseth joined us in 2018, after having worked as a trainee in Wikborg Rein during his studies.

– Through the traineeship I got good insight into the work culture and responsibilities. I was a trainee in several places, but when I was to choose my future place of work, I chose Wikborg Rein.

M&A is a nice and educational group to start the career in, and I have gained good insight into "traditional" business law issues. With time, I have also been given the opportunity to work within other professional areas. As a recent graduate, I value the opportunity to learn from skilled and experienced colleagues within various fields. 

I believe that if you get to work closely with the best, you will have good conditions for becoming a competent lawyer yourself.

Andreas explains that, in addition to being a knowledge company, Wikborg Rein has a working environment that became decisive for the choice of employer:

– During my traineeship I got good insight into the working environment in the firm, and I had a feeling that this was a place where people build each other up and make each other good. In addition to the firm's professional stamina, this became decisive for my choice.


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