Lesley Tan

Senior Lawyer, London

Prior to joining Wikborg Rein in 2007, Lesley worked as a legal associate for another Singapore law firm.

­– I was looking for more international experience and wanted to be exposed to cross-jurisdictional deals. I noticed that Wikborg Rein worked with Shipping Offshore and that they had many blue-chip  clients with a global presence. Also, both Singapore and Norway have a strong maritime history, so I felt that it was a good match in terms of my skillset and interests.

– After three years in Singapore I transferred to London. I was only supposed to be on secondment for six months. 

People in Wikborg Rein work
hard and play hard

Lesley remembers one case in particular that she has enjoyed workin on: 

­– I worked for a German ship owner, the lenders were based in New York and Paris, the governing law was English and the vessels were Bahamian and Liberian. We had a very tight deadline to close the deal, and it was very complicated with more than 20 vessels and four different banks involved. We landed the case, and it gave me a real adrenaline rush.

She describes Wikborg Rein as a constantly evolving company:

­– The company is really keeping up with new developments, and the management is doing a great job with finding efficient and flexible solutions to working processes and the way we interact internally. 


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