Sigmund Solås-Johansen

IT Operations Manager, Oslo

– I started in Wikborg Rein an eternity ago and have been here for almost 18 years. After having completed the Business Academy, I joined the IT industry and worked three years in Atea, with Wikborg Rein as its biggest client. When they were looking for a new IT consultant, I applied for the position and have been in the firm since.

He points out the enormous and ambitious investment in technology in recent years.

– There has been a great focus on developing the firm digitally. We now work with completely different technologies than what we did four-five years ago, and are leading in the industry when it comes to digital tools and interaction solutions. Today it is challenging to do a good job as a lawyer without good technical systems, and we also invite our clients into our solutions and assist them in their own business development. We also see that the young lawyers are expecting to work on the digital surfaces they already know. 

The firm has had an enormous investment in technology in recent years and are energetic and ambitious when it comes to the use of new solutions.

Sigmund says that his work day mainly is about project work and to be a technical sparring partner for business support as well as for lawyers:

– It is i.a. about solving technical problems, make sure all systems work as expected and assist in the development and support, in addition to assistance in the strategy work and design of new solutions, helping the lawyers in their work.

He describes Wikborg Rein as a knowledge company, where everyone is open for new technical innovations:

– Smart, competent people have always fascinated me. Of course it is fun to discuss issues with some of the most lucid heads in the country. I also appreciate a working environment that is characterised by a lot of laughter and fun.

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