China / 中国

The firm has an unrivalled experience in assisting Norwegian and international businesses in China in all aspects from establishment to operation to exit. We also assist a growing number of Chinese organisations with their outbound investments and international dispute resolution.

从企业的设立、运营到退出的各个环节,本所在协助挪威和国际企业在中国的公司业务领域,拥有其他律所无法比拟的丰富经验。 本所也为越来越多的中国企业提供海外投资和国际争议解决方面的法律服务。

Similar to our international practice, we are also an award winning provider of legal services in China within various industries such as offshore and shipping, inbound and outbound mergers and acquisitions including investment to Norway, banking and project financing, international dispute resolution, energy, construction.

与本所的国际经验一样,Wikborg Rein也在中国境内法律服务的行业评选中,在若干领域屡获殊荣,其中主要涵盖:海洋工程和航运、境内和境外并购(包括赴挪威投资)、银行和项目融资、国际争议解决、能源、工程建设等。

Inbound / 境内

Our Shanghai office has a well-known reputation for resolving problems across China with practical and local solutions, including where appropriate working with skilled local counsel.   Being advisors to a wide range of businesses we have seen and been part of resolving more legal issues in China than any other advisor to Norwegian businesses.


Outbound / 境外

Having been physically present in Shanghai for more than 16 years Wikborg Rein has established a significant portfolio of Chinese clients. We work with state-owned companies, listed companies, private equity investors and state-owned investment funds and a large number of small and medium sized businesses.

Wikborg Rein在上海设立代表处超过16年,已经建立起庞大的中国客户资源。 本所与中国国有企业、上市公司、私募股权投资者和国有投资基金以及大量中小企业进行合作。

We have worked with and assisted more Chinese investors in Norway than any other law firm, and are specialized in providing a total package of legal advice mixed with cultural understanding and respect. Our many excellent Chinese lawyers ensure that we offer seamless communication with our Chinese clients. Even our Norwegian opponents have often underscored and appreciated the importance of the role our Chinese lawyers play in building the bridge between Chinese and Norwegians.

相比其他律所,本所参与并协助中国投资者在挪威投资的项目数量是最多的。本所团队善于为客户提供全套的、包含对文化差异的理解和尊重的完整的法律服务建议。 本所拥有的许多优秀的中国律师,也确保了本所与中国客户之间的无缝沟通。以致于本所在挪威的交易对手,也经常强调和认可本所的中国律师在中国交易方与挪威交易方之间的沟通桥梁作用。

Being present in key jurisdictions such as London, Brazil and Singapore, Wikborg Rein also has tremendous experience in assisting Chinese clients in other parts of the world and not just in Norway or the Nordics; London arbitration under English law has become a notable specialty.

通过在伦敦、巴西和新加坡等重要国家和地区设立分所,Wikborg Rein不仅在挪威或北欧地区,也在世界其他地区拥有为中国客户服务的丰富经验。在适用英国法律的伦敦仲裁领域,本所也有行业认可的专长。