Compliance and Crisis Management

Non-compliance with laws and regulations not only expose businesses to criminal and civil liability, but may also have detrimental reputational consequences. Our Compliance and Crisis Management Team assist private and public entities in preventing and detecting corruption and other economic crime or misconduct, both in Norway and abroad.

We provide advice on  corporate governance and assist in the development of compliance programs within different areas of law. We also conduct due diligence (IDD) of various types of business partners, conduct and advise on internal investigations and provide legal assistance to companies faced with potential corporate criminal liability. 

Our practice areas are: 

  • Compliance program: We assist in conducting/facilitating risk analysis and developing compliance programs (ethical guidelines, procedures, the set-up of compliance functions / reporting lines, whistle blower systems and management response, internal control, monitoring and training).
  • Anti-corruption and criminal law: We assist companies in  assessing the potential exposure to corporate criminal liability, and our lawyers also have extensive criminal law experience and act as defence lawyers in criminal proceedings.
  • Third part handling/integrity due diligence (IDD): The  requirements and expectations with respect to control of business partners are getting increasingly stricter. We assist companies in establishing adequate routines and conducting background checks (IDD).
  • International sanctions and export control: The legislation is far-reaching, complex and frequently changing which requires continuous follow-up. We assist both in identifying and dealing with sanction risk
  • Investigations: We assist as investigators in internal investigations and also as advisors for companies being investigated.
  • Crisis management and contact with authorities: Crisis situations are characterized by a wide range of matters  that need to be handled quickly. We advise companies in various situations in order for them to handled issues fast and efficiently by assessing risk exposure, the need for preventive measures, strategic and operational management and contact with relevant public regulators.

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