Environmental Law

Wikborg Rein has substantial experience in environmental law, both on sea and on land. We assist companies in the evaluation of potential environmental consequences of mergers and acquisitions, in the interpretation of regulation to ensure operations are in compliance with the applicable framework, and in regards to the civil- and criminal legal aspects of pollution.

We offer environmental law assistance in a range of business areas such as manufacturing, real estate and power development, aquaculture and fisheries, as well as shipping and the oil industry. The environmental law group has developed its expertise over time following major oil spills from ships and other pollution matters.

The work conducted by the environmental law group can be divided into three sections. Firstly, we regularly assist companies through due diligence processes. In this context it is crucial for investors and buyers to identify potential risks associated with old environmental sins. We also have a wide network of contacts within the environmental sector, ensuring we can obtain technical studies as this is deemed necessary.

Secondly, we assist companies in the interpretation of regulation. This enables customers to adapt their businesses in a manner consistent with the sector’s varied and somewhat extensive regulatory framework. For example, in major developments and fish farming activities, a number of both national and international rules will apply.

Thirdly, we have broad experience with pollution problems. Pollution will increasingly often lead to criminal or administrative sanctions from the authorities. Under certain circumstances, pollution can give rise to claims within as well as outside of the contract. In matters of pollution from ships, we often assist insurance companies or the ship’s owners, while in other pollution disputes we have assisted a number of different companies.

The group consists of lawyers with extensive experience in shipping- or offshore-related problems, particularly associated with acute pollution and wreck removal in Norway and internationally.