Environmental Law

We have substantial experience in environmental law, both at sea and on land. Based on the firm's long term experience with providing advice on major oil spills and other pollution matters, the environmental law group has developed expertise on all aspects of environmental law.

Companies are faced with increasingly strict environmental requirements related to amongst others emissions, noise pollution, clean-up of polluted ground, waste management and the duty to take action where there is a risk of pollution. Nature conservation and biodiversity has also become public priorities. We provide guidance on the legislative framework and assist in the contact with the pollution authority in relation to applications for emissions permits and follow-up of administrative orders to take action such as environmental surveys or preparing action plans.

We further regularly assist in "due diligence" processes during sale, acquisitions and mergers. In this context it is crucial for investors and buyers to identify potential risks. It can be of significant importance to get an overview of potential pollution in the ground, necessary permits and laws which may impact business in the near future. 

We also have extensive experience in environmental dispute resolution, where questions related to pollution frequently arise. Our lawyers have argued a number of notable cases regarding the duty to take action in the Norwegian Pollution Act and reimbursement claims from public authorities. Breach of the Pollution Act or the Pollution Regulation will increasingly lead to criminal or administrative sanctions (in particular fines, corporate criminal sanctions or coercive fines) from the authorities. Pollution may also give rise to contractual or non-contractual claims for damages.