Petroleum and Energy

Wikborg Rein provides top-level expertise within all aspects of energy law. This includes legal questions related to the petroleum industry on the Norwegian continental shelf, and questions related to traditional hydropower operations and new renewable energy sources, including wind power. We assist resource owners, distributors and public authorities with issues related to the development, running and transfer of energy operations.

The energy industry is entrusted with matters of significant public interests, and so it follows there is a vast amount of national and international regulation. Also, significant economic interests are often tied to these operations, meaning participants in the energy industry must safeguard their private as well as public legal positions in a sound manner.

The rules and considerations that apply are often similar across the various energy disciplines, and Wikborg Rein has therefore chosen a unified approach to the industry areas of petroleum law and energy law within the practice group.

Owners of petroleum resources and infrastructure on the Norwegian continental shelf often request our assistance in cases concerning government permits, collaboration agreements between licensees, rental of rigs and other central equipment, the relationship to the providers in development- and modification projects, as well as in the deposition and transport of petroleum. We also provide assistance to the supplier side in all phases of petroleum operations.

We often assist our power clients with issues related to ownership legislation and other public law frameworks related to the operations. Further issues with which we assist include development projects related to hydropower, wind power, biomass, grid- and decentralised heating, environmental issues, network control and exchange across country borders. We aid in matters concerning economic framework conditions for new renewable energy, as well as the provision of power and financial products related to this provision.

Wikborg Rein’s expert group for petroleum and energy consists of 13 attorneys under the leadership of Aadne M. Haga. We provide expertise and considerable industry experience in combination with a broad spectrum of commercial legal services. Issues related to company organisation, transactions, extensive disputes, tax, employment law, EU / EEA law and competition law are often solved in collaboration between our energy group and specialists from the firm’s other departments. Overall, this enables us to work efficiently and to deliver specific and actionable advice to our clients.