Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law comprises a broad array of legal disciplines across multiple industries including patents, copyrights, trademarks and business name, protection and enforcement of designs and database rights. This practice area also includes domain names, and the protection of know-how and trade secrets.

Our practice group for Intellectual Property and Technology offers its clients a breadth of experience and significant expertise in this field. We also have expertise in issues relating to marketing law, particularly the rules for protection against counterfeiting and unfair competition, and compliance with the legal framework on marketing practices.

Intellectual property constitutes an increasingly significant part of a company‚Äôs assets, and the focus on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights is constantly growing. The protection of intellectual property rights provides incentives for further research and development. A company may however be restricted by intellectual property rights owned by other companies and potential issues should be identified and remedied at an early stage.

We advise clients on securing their own intellectual property rights, delineation of the rights owned by other businesses, and assistance with the drafting and negotiation of agreements. This includes license agreements, research and development agreements, confidentiality agreements and agreements on the transfer of intellectual property rights. We also advise on issues related to intellectual property and employees.

Intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets owned by a business and its significant value may lead to disputes. Our lawyers have extensive experience in pursuing and defending all types of IP rights. We assist our clients in the enforcement of their own rights, and in matters of potential infringement of the rights of others. We provide advice to clients on patent issues from a range of technology areas, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, oil and gas, electronics and fish farming. We also have extensive experience in disputes concerning counterfeits and issues regarding the illegal exploitation of know-how and trade secrets.

We assist clients in the complex area of marketing law to ensure that their planned marketing practices comply with marketing legislation. We also represent clients in disputes with competitors, including matters before the courts, the enterprise competition committee, the market advisory committee and the consumer ombudsman. 

Our practice group for intellectual property and technology consists of highly qualified and dedicated lawyers with broad experience in both the legal and vast technology areas relating to intellectual property. Our lawyers are among the market leaders in this sector and are ranked in major legal directories. Several of our lawyers have previous experience in legislative work and research.