Litigation and Arbitration

An indefinite number of legal disputes may arise between parties in commercial relations. Litigation and dispute resolution is a collective term for the various approaches the parties may apply to solve legal disputes.

Our lawyers have a broad and extensive experience of successfully defending their clients in legal disputes. Our expertise and experience covers disputes within the area of general commercial/business law as well as far more specialized areas of law such as intellectual property rights, energy law and maritime law.

Our broad commercial capabilities within business law ensure that we can address any type of legal dispute. This include disputes arising due to or following the acquisition of a company, board responsibility in limited liability companies, employment law, tort and a wide range of contractual disputes. Our lawyers are pre-eminent in handling major and complex disputes related to contracts of construction and manufacturing and also have experience within the area of public law, which includes direct and indirect taxes.

The Dispute Resolution group consists of 23 partners, with a total of 60 lawyers in the group. 17 of the company's lawyers are admitted to the Supreme Court. Our multi-jurisdictional team offers clients seamless advice on dispute resolution though our network of offices in Oslo and Bergen, and also London and Singapore. Read more about our international arbitration practice here.

Our extensive dispute resolution experience involves a wide array of specialized areas including:

  • Patent disputes between producers of generic drugs and original producers
  • Extensive contracts on gas supply
  • Corporate law disputes in connection with takeovers, board responsibility
  • Cases of direct and indirect tax regulation
  • Contract law
  • Real estate
  • Construction law (Construction and Manufacturing)
  • Public law (public procurements, environmental law, tax law)
  • Maritime law
  • Insurance law
  • Energy law

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