Competition law, public procurement, State aid and EU/EEA law are highly demanding areas of law, which have a significant impact on businesses and public sector.

We have a team of 14 lawyers who work daily with these areas, and has the experience, competence and capacity to handle any type of case.

Within the field of public procurement, we represent both public bodies and suppliers on the application of the relevant rules in the public, utilities and the defence and security sectors. Large projects and framework agreements our team has recently been involved with include procurements of a number of large ICT solutions and operating services for Helse Sør-Øst RHF and Sykehuspartner HF, procurement of goods and services for Sykehusinnkjøp HF (such as air ambulance services and temporary staff for Norwegian hospitals), procurement of wholesale services and pharmaceuticals nationwide to hospital pharmacies and hospitals, procurement of rolling stock and maintenance to the Norwegian State Railway, procurement of military equipment (such as fighter aircrafts and helicopters) and civil procurement to the Armed Forces.

We have also assisted contracting authorities with several procurements of electronic ID (eID) and the Altinn II solution. Of course, we also assist in smaller procurements of all kinds.

We regularly advise public bodies in the:

  • Preparation and/or quality control of tender documents, including the contract
  • Assessment of potential exclusion grounds related to both suppliers and tenders
  • Consideration of whether a procedure should be cancelled
  • Preparation and/or quality control of the contracting authority`s qualification and award process
  • Development and/or assessment of the contract award notice
  • Assistance in designing the terms and conditions for awarding and performing framework agreements
  • Handling of complaints from suppliers on behalf of the contracting authority
  • Handling of complaints to the Public Procurement Complaints Board
  • Dispute resolution before the courts (including defending applications for temporary injunctions and claims for compensation)
  • Evaluation of the tender process after completion 

We also assist suppliers in connection with public procurement. Our strategic advice typically might include:

  • Consultation in connection with the bidding process, both in the preliminary stages of submission and upon completion of negotiations
  • Assistance in connection with complaints to the contracting authority and to the Public Procurement Complaints Board
  • Dispute resolution before the courts (including seeking temporary injunctions and claims for compensation) 

The procurement team also hosts regular customised public procurement courses and speeches for both contracting authorities and suppliers.