Miscellaneous purchases of real estate by Eiendomsspar AS

Wikborg Rein has during the spring and the summer of 2014 assisted Eiendomsspar AS in the purchases of the companies owning Storgata 8 and Tvetenveien 11 in Oslo, as well as the purchase of the company owning Økernveien 115. 

Storgata 8 is an office- and business property of approximately 3.000 sqm. Tvetenveien 11 is the property of the former Timms Reperbane, and today a residence project of up to approximately 8.000 sqm. BTA. if permission to amend the zoning plan is granted. The buildings in Økernveien 115 constitute approximately 20.500 sqm., and the lot is approximately 24.600 sqm. Eiendomsspar AS previously indirectly owned 50 % of Økernveien 115.

Wikborg Rein has assisted in the negotiations, the drafting of the purchase agreements and the implementations of the transactions.

De abovementioned transactions are further described here.

Wikborg Rein´s team has among others consisted of partner doctor juris Line Ravlo-Losvik and senior associate Trude Gran.