Tax Law

Our tax expert group assist clients with any tax and VAT issues, with a core focus on business tax, corporate tax and tax litigation.

We assist with:

  • Ongoing advice on tax and VAT for companies and business owners
  • Tax and VAT in connection with transactions, restructurings, mergers, demergers and acquisitions, including earn out mechanisms
  • Tax and VAT for international group of companies, exit taxation, cross border business , shipping and offshore
  • Establishment of ownership structures for high-net worth individuals inheritance issues, etc.
  • Tax and VAT disputes against the tax authorities, including complaints and litigation
  • Special tax regimes, such as petroleum taxation, tonnage taxation and hydroelectric power taxation
  • Tax and VAT related to commercial real estate

The tax group prides itself with a significant and wide-ranging expertise, and each assignment is allocated to the most appropriate member of the group to ensure the best possible result. We work close together with our other groups on all matters where tax and VAT can be relevant.