Technology and Digitalisation

Digitalisation is a trend that affects all businesses. Information technology (IT) and digital solutions are the backbone of modern business activity and are often closely integrated with the company's business processes.

We assist our clients both in acquiring technology and in reviewing legal requirements that affect the operation and use of IT solutions. This is to ensure that the solution that is acquired or used is not only adequate but that it also supports and meets the legal requirements that are relevant to the business. 

We have considerable expertise and experience in assessing how technical solutions can help fulfil legal requirements, including processing of personal data, information security, electronic signatures and encryption, e-commerce solutions and other electronic interaction.

We give advice on all types of IT agreements and have assisted in the revision of Statens Standardavtaler (the Norwegian State's standard agreement for IT procurement), which is increasingly used by private companies. In addition to preparing contracts, we assist in the planning and implementation of procurement processes, in negotiations and in the implementation phase of contracts. 

Privacy and GDPR compliance are described in more detail here

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