Client Portal

We offer to our clients within several projects, portals with digital services and document archives. All contact persons on the clients' side can use the portal, but it is possible to manage access to different parts of the portal when needed.

The portal ensures that our clients have a good overview of their client relationship at all times and have full access to the latest version of a document or financial status in the project.

We offer portals with varying functionality that can be adapted to client needs. We also have industry-specific portals, primarily for customers within shipbuilding and commercial real estate.

In the client portals, we can set up the following customized functionality:

  • Easy access to project-specific WR Data Room
  • Document archive on historical issues
  • Templates and standard documents, with the possibility of document automation
  • E-learning modules
  • Presentations
  • Frame agreement and price list
  • Invoice and ledger information
  • Customer report
  • Contact
  • Newsfeed

Product sheet – client portal (PDF)