Shipbuilding Portal – digital building contracts

The Shipbuilding Portal is a user-friendly online solution for the drafting of shipbuilding contacts based on the Standard Form Norwegian Shipbuilding Contract 2000, often referred to as "Ship 2000". It simplifies the drafting process and provides access to relevant practical information.

Based on the user's entries relating to the name of the buyer and the builder, purchase price, number of installments and other information the contract is automatically generated. The user may also include tailored categories such as dispute resolution and guarantees. Other standard documents such as protocol of delivery and acceptance are also available on the platform.

The Shipbuilding Portal also gives the user easy access to commentaries and practical information relevant to the various clauses of Ship 2000. The comments are based on the Wikborg Rein book "Shipbuilding" ("Skipsbygging") authored by Øystein Meland. The users may navigate through the contract and also receive practical guidance to legal issues related to the shipbuilding contract. Within the Portal, you find several useful links, such as an RSS news feed related to the shipbuilding industry and other documents relevant to shipbuilding. 

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