Digital partnerships

Innovation is important for further developing the firm, and cooperation with other players brings innovation and new technology back into our company. Wikborg Rein collaborates with several entrepreneurial companies from both Norway and the UK and has in the past two years adopted several of their solutions.

We have also initiated several initiatives with various business partners to spread knowledge about technology in the legal industry. In this way, we contribute to cultivating the expertise we need in the years to come.

World-leading innovation environments

We work with Allen & Overy world-wide, allowing us to access parts of their systems and international network of lawyers (in addition to their own network) covering 90% of the world's jurisdictions within all legal disciplines. Furthermore, we have close contact with their innovation environment "Fuse" where eight entrepreneurial companies work with new legaltech solutions annually in collaboration with their lawyers. We have already adopted a solution, Legatics, which comes from this collaboration. 

Promoting entrepreneurs

Since 2009 we have awarded an annual entrepreneurial grant consisting of 30 hours of legal advice. The goal is to give young entrepreneurial companies a boost in a phase where they are faced with crucial issues for the company's future, but where equity is thin and the revenues low.

Teaching the students to code

Wikborg Rein also collaborates with AVO-Consulting, the Nordic region's leading environment within robotic automation and artificial intelligence, and NHH's Department of Strategy and Management, which in January 2018 established a new subject / professorship - "Artificial intelligence and robotization" - with 60 study places. Wikborg Rein participates in the collaboration related to the legal issues surrounding robotization and artificial intelligence.

Women's network

Wikborg Rein is also a gold sponsor of the ODA network, a forum for women in the IT industry. Our IT and technology team, as well as the internal IT department, have a majority of women. In addition, in cooperation with Oda, we want to develop a corresponding women's network for lawyers. This will help strengthen cohesion and networking for women in the industry and inspire to get more women into leading positions in the law firms.

Digital Norway

Wikborg Rein has been chosen as the exclusive legal advisor for Digital Norway / Toppindustrisenteret which is an initiative across industries to develop a more expansive and digital Norwegian business environment. The initiation of this project is financed by the Kongsberg Group, NV GL, DNB, Ferd, Aker BP, Telenor, Jotun, Ruter, Yara, Statoil, Schibsted, Wilh. Wilhelmsen and the Ministry of Trade and Industry.