Fully digital in court

In larger transactions, there is often a need for financing and a number of Condition Precedence documents must be submitted. In order to organize this work in the most efficient way, we can provide access to a customized datarooms containing the transaction's CP list of responsible, ongoing status, and access to enter and approve the relevant documents.

Similarly, we can enter a list of documents that must be in place for closing in transactions. The tool can automatically generate "bible of documents" for archiving purposes.

In litigation cases, there are often large amounts of documents and other electronic evidence. Once you have found relevant documents to be presented as evidence in a court case, they must be structured and referenced in the proper place in the actual and legal excerpts. This has historically been a large manual job.

Now all the evidence documents are added to a database in a tool where they are automatically numbered and formatted. If new evidence is added during the case, these can be entered and then the entire document will be automatically renumbered. Once the excerpt is complete, the system will automatically generate the necessary lists of evidence and produce the appropriate bundles of evidence.