Our approach

In all our assignments, our lawyers use digital tools that standardize, professionalize and streamline work processes and interaction.

We have tools that are specially developed for transactions, disputes and advisory assignments, respectively. In order to succeed with digitalisation, it has been important to involve lawyers, add changes closely and be relevant in their work processes.

Solutions that provide better communication flow, flexible processes and efficient implementation of projects benefit the clients through efficiency and increased quality. In addition, the clients have the opportunity to work with our lawyers in the digital solutions and hereby increase their own digital expertise.

The important role of the lawyers

The work on innovation and digitalisation of the law profession must take place in close collaboration between the lawyers and IT expertise. It is the lawyers who have direct contact with the clients, understand their needs and the effects of new digital tools. Through this client contact, the lawyers also see new ways of delivering services, and the lawyers therefore have a central role in innovation and digitization.

Digital internal processes

In addition, digitalisation professionalises the way we, as a law firm, recruit, market and train, shape products and services, and not least how we communicate with clients. We are committed to being a forward-looking law firm that also uses digital solutions internally. In this way, this becomes a natural part of everyday life which makes the hurdle to try new things lower.

A digital law firm

Digitization and innovation is about more than implementing new systems - it is primarily about a cultural change and a journey of change throughout the organization. By involving the lawyers when new technology is put into use, working methodology is developed and new forms of cooperation are designed, and we ensure that Wikborg Rein is true digital law firm.