Barnas Havarikommisjon – Our partnership with the Stine Sofie's Foundation

We have partnered with the Stine Sofie's Foundation to establish Barnas Havarikommisjon ("the Children's Accident Investigation Board") in an effort to strengthen the legal security of children and adolescents who are subject to violence and abuse. Due to the poor standard of law, and the commission's goal is to strengthen their legal certainty and provide input on the issues that children and adolescents face.

The commission will be the children's legal voice to politicians and this year's report, which will be launched on 24 January 2023, will shed a light on critical issues around rules of whistleblowing, children at secret addresses and visitation meetings after violence.

The foundation has worked 22 years to strengthen the security of children. Along the way, it has become very apparent that the law has a long way to go and that children are rarely heard in the processes.

"We are very pleased to have such a solid law firm as Wikborg Rein, who is able to contribute with their professional expertise", says General Secretary Ada Sofie Austegard with the Stine Sofie's Foundation. "For the last two decades, the foundation has changed a lot together with the legislative politicians, but with a strengthened team we will achieve more”, she says.

"This is important work. As a partner for the foundation, we are pleased to contribute to the systematization of these experiences with a focus on system errors and legal weaknesses. Hopefully, the commission's work will provide a basis for changes which will be for the better," says Finn Bjørnstad, Managing Partner at Wikborg Rein.

Facts about Barnas Havarikommisjon

  • An annual report that focuses on the protection of the rule of law for children and adolescents exposed to violence and abuse.
  • The report will contain proposals for legal areas that must be investigated and prioritised, and that will strengthen the legal security of children and adolescents exposed to violence and abuse.
  • The report will be launched on 24 January in Oslo and was prepared by the Stine Sofie's Foundation in cooperation with Wikborg Rein.
  • Legal advisers Endre Bendixen and Line Duesund Svendsen at the Stine Sofie's Foundation, are responsible for the report. The foundation receives assistance from attorneys and associates in Wikborg Rein; among others, partners Jørgen Vangsnes and Fredrik Gisholt.
  • The law firm assists in investigating both applicable law, the relationship with Norway's international obligations and the legislative aspects of potential amendment proposals that can strengthen the legal certainty of children exposed to violence.

Facts about the Stine Sofie's Foundation

The Stine Sofie's Foundation works to prevent and uncover violence and abuse against children and adolescents, protect those who are vulnerable and to strengthen their rights. The Stine Sofie Centre is a national seminar and mastering centre for children and adolescents who are subject to violence and abuse. The centre  receives 500 children and adolescents from all over the country annually. Stine Sofie's Foundation has 60 employees and is based in Grimstad.

Read more about the work done at the Stine Sofie's Foundation.

Facts about Wikborg Rein

Wikborg Rein is one of Norway’s largest law firms with approx. 375 employees across offices in Oslo, Bergen, London, Singapore and Shanghai. Wikborg Rein is a full service business law firm with specialist expertise in a wide range of disciplines and industries. Many of the company's lawyers also have background from the prosecution authorities, courts and other public authorities, which give us valuable expertise and experience to be a good partner with Stine Sofie's Foundation.