The corporate legal sector can appear somewhat conservative. We would like to change this. Therefore Wikborg Rein, in cooperation with Mino.Jur, launches a new mentoring program for students who want to learn more about the existing opportunities after ended studies: Mino.Mentor.

Wikborg Rein has as a leading law firm a special responsibility to move the profession in the right direction, and the cooperation with Mino.Jur is a measure to do just that, says Ole Henrik Wille, recruitment Partner in Wikborg Rein.

Mino.Jur is an organization for law students with minority backgrounds and one of the goals of the organization is to expand the students' understandings of which kind of career possibilities they have after ended studies. 

- We therefore think that this is an amazing opportunity for the law students to get an insight into the everyday life of a business lawyer. Our wish is for the students to engage actively in order to acquire the knowledge and experience which will result from such a mentoring program and that they make the most of it, says leader of Mino.Jur, Arisha G. Nabi. 

Senior associate in Wikborg Rein, Kjersti Borgen, has been mentor in mentor program for female students herself, and has now taken the initiative to establish a mentor program especially for Wikborg Rein. 

- As a student I myself missed to have experienced role models in the legal world with whom one could informally discuss and get advice from. A mentor program may contribute to exactly this, and the student will also become more aware of the personal and professional choices which are to be made in connection with education and preparation for permanent job, Kjersti says. 

For Wikborg Rein it is a goal, as well as for the profession in general, to achieve a greater cultural diversity by attracting more competent applicants with minority backgrounds. 

- A mentor program gives the students knowledge of our profession and of how exciting it can be to work as a business lawyer. And; it is very instructive to be a mentor, one gets to reflect on one's own choices, at the same time as one gets to know today's students and how they think, Kjersti explains.


Practical information about the program and how to apply

You apply for the program by signing a list after an information meeting at Wikborg Rein or by sending an e-mail to Minojur within 10 April 2019.

Start-up for the mentoring program is May 2019 and it will be a pilot project out 2019. All students with minority backgrounds are welcome to apply!

The mentoring program starts with a joint gathering where students as well as mentors participate. As a student you will there get assigned a lawyer / associate as a mentor from Wikborg Rein. Student and mentor will thereafter agree on their next meeting and topics that will be discussed. You as a student are still responsible for attending the meetings as well as suggesting the themes for the meetings, but feel free to ask your mentor about advice or see our topic tips which you will receive at the joint gathering.