Wikborg Rein supports the Sailors' Society

There are 1.6 million seafarers around the world and due to COVID-19, 2020 has been a particularly difficult year for them all. Wikborg Rein feel very proud to support the Sailors' Society in their work to help all seafarers.

The Sailors' Society is a maritime charity that provides welfare, chaplaincy, mental health support and crisis response to seafarers and their families around the world. The charity was founded in 1818 and is now over 200 years old.

A large part of our legal expertise is in the shipping industry and the seafarers themselves play a big part of that industry. This year, many seafarers have been unable to leave their vessels for months past the end of their contract as many countries do not want crew changes due to COVID-19 restrictions. Being on a vessel for such a long period can have a negative impact on the seafarers wellbeing.

Managing Partner at Wikborg Rein's London office, Chris Grieveson, strongly supports the Sailors' Society important work especially in these difficult times.

– I am happy that we can support this important charity for seafarers. The Sailors' Society provides advice and assistance to the crews that have been stuck on their vessels for more than they had planned. I know that the seafarers are having a hard time, so I am happy that we can contribute to support them.

He continues: – We have had a longer partnership with Missions to Seafarers who perform a very similar role in terms of chaplaincy, welfare, mental health support etc. The partnership made a donation towards their welfare work to mark world maritime day. Additionally, as we are in lock down this year all the staff have agreed to dispense with Secret Santa presents and instead have given the money they would spend on gifts to the Mission, the Mission use it to bring Christmas gifts to seafarers such as portable Wi-Fi on vessels, phone cards and small gift parcels for those who have been prevented from going ashore for months.