The Oslo Stock Exchange's requirements for detailed announcement and information memorandum will no longer apply

The Oslo Stock Exchange has today published new versions of the Continuing Obligations for stock exchange listed companies (Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess) and for Merkur Market.

The following amendments have been adopted:

• The duty to publish a detailed announcement is removed.
• The duty to publish an information memorandum is removed.
• If a company listed on Oslo Børs or Oslo Axess materially changes its character and as a result seems to be a different company (including "back door listings") the company has a duty to publish a document fulfilling the requirements of an equivalent document pursuant to the prospectus rules, provided that no prospectus or equivalent document is prepared in connection with the transaction. Such documents will not be subject to review by the Oslo Stock Exchange.

The updated rules will be effective as from 20 January 2020. For further information, please see here.