We want to inspire more people to choose law

As one of Norway’s largest and most international law firms, we represent many nationalities and cultures. Still, it’s no secret that we want to reflect today’s modern and diverse Norway even better than we do today.

On Tuesday last week, Katrine Bach-Gansmo, Patrick Oware and Erlend Ose from our Trainee Committee, Cecilia Mathisen from HR and Henrik Skjevestad from Communications visited Kuben High School in Oslo.

Great diversity

Kuben is renowned for, and proud of its diverse environment, and has students with many different backgrounds from all over the city.

Katrine, Patrick and Erlend held two inspirational seminars for the students in subject Law 1 and 2. The topic was working as a lawyer in a business law firm. In addition, we also invited to a mini-lecture in the break for the students who would like to hear more about our daily life in a large business law firm, but not necessarily have law as an subject.


High level of engagement

The purpose of the visit was to inspire the students in considering academic studies after high school.

We wanted to make the point across that as long as a solid work effort is made, law studies suits all types of people – regardless of who you are or your background.


We talked about the different kind of work we do, both lawyers in general and our firm specifically. We also talked about our inclusive firm culture and the various social activities we offer our employees.

Many of the students showed a high level of engagement and curiosity in terms of what it is like to work in a law firm, and had many questions to our representatives throughout the day.

The students wondered e.g. how much work they have to put in as a law student, what a normal working day in a business law firm looks like, and which course of study is the best if they want to become a lawyer.

From a new view point

Apart from the about fifty students from Law 1 and 2, their teachers Odd Gunnar Vinje was also present during our visit. He was pleased to be able to offer his students a slightly different class.

– Finding out what the everyday life is like for business lawyers is a nice and useful change for the students, it gives them the opportunity to see the legal profession from a different perspective than hearing it from me. I think this is definitely inspiring for the students. After these lectures, I'm sure some of them will have had a thing or two to think about – and possibly a desire to pursue law studies after high school, says Vinje.

(Odd Gunnar Vinje (teacher), Cecilia Mathisen, Katrine Bach-Gansmo, Erlend Ose and Patrick Oware. In front to the right is the students Angelina Flølo, Marte Tyrhaug Hansen, Amalie Engen Vik and Emma Ranson.)

Kuben High School

  • Kuben High School at Økern is Oslo's largest school with more than 1,800 students
  • In 2021 and 2022, it was among the two most sought-after schools in Oslo
  • In 2018, the school won the Benjamin Award for its work against racism and discrimination
  • The school offers both specialized academic courses and vocational course