Corporate Social Responsibility

Being Norway's largest law firm, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a natural part of our profession. However, we have chosen to extend our involvement beyond the law and our contributions to students and faculties.

CSR in Wikborg Rein

Being a lawyer is actually based on CSR. Our work contributes to the development of our society, businesses, organisations and legislation.

CSR from a business point of view implies more than just following rules and regulations. Maintaining a high ethical standard and practising according to the NBAs Code of Conduct is a given for a leading law firm. Trying to minimize our environmental footprint is another way of taking responsibility, but actually taking corporate social responsibility requires even more.

CSR in Wikborg Rein is based on four pillars;

  1. The way we practise law and the way we contribute to the development of the law
  2. Our efforts to train students and young associates to become the leading lawyers of tomorrow
  3. Contributions to organisations, causes and people who share our values and where we have common interests
  4. The way we run our firm on a day to day basis

As a firm, and through the involvement of our lawyers, Wikborg Rein contributes to the work of The Norwegian Bar Association (Advokatforeningen). Our contributions consists of inter alia participation in legislative committees, selected projects run by the NBA, as elected officers in the disciplinary council and other sub groups. In addition Wikborg Rein is an active member in "Forum for large law firms" and we also have representation in the NBAs main board.

Wikborg Rein is a proud supporter of initiatives ranging from recycling of computers and electronics to humanitarian causes. We have chosen to highlight four organisations - Norway House and Barratt Due Institute of Music. Amnesty International and Fair.

Our support of four prioritised organisations reflects our CSR strategy; It's either connected to our profession, talent development or a better way of doing business. In that way, we can apply our competence in other areas to make a difference. 

Norway House is a private aid initiative, non-political and non-religious, working to help the children of Cambodia achieve a better future. read more about Norway House here.

Barratt Due Institute of Music, educating world class musicians since 1927. Read more about Barratt Due here.

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights. Read more about Amnesty here.

Fair's vision is to give developing countries better access to knowledge and education. They collect and refurbish ICT equipement for youth and adult education in Africa. Read more about Fair here.