Wikborg Rein's ethical code

The Courts of Justice legal code section 224, paragraph 1, states that legal services should be carried out in accordance with good professional practice.

Under that provision, the requirement of sound legal practice includes that legal services should be conducted in a manner that is thorough, conscientious and in accordance with the legitimate interest of the client furthermore, the lawyer should perform tasks in a sufficiently expeditious manner. On the basis of legal code section 224, paragraph 2, Den Norske Advokatforening (Norwegian Bar Association) has developed a code of conduct, which seeks to ensure that advocacy is performed in accordance to ethical standards and principles.

Wikborg Rein's ethical rules are generally based on those of the Bar Association. In some areas, however, we have established regulations that are more stringent. This is especially true with respect to investments in securities issued by clients. The purpose of a more stringent regulation in this respect is to protect the financial integrity of both the firm and the individual lawyers towards our clients, and to ensure our lawyers are acting in a manner unlikely to cast doubt on the independence of the lawyer or the firm. Wikborg Rein&rsquos rules for acceptance and completion of assignments are also more stringent than those of the Bar Association. The purpose is to safeguard the firm's reputation and ensure the cases and clients that we take on are consistent with our adopted strategy.

It is a primary goal for Wikborg Rein that our attorneys and other staff maintain high ethical standards, both in the exercise of the profession and in their general behaviour.

Ethics and conflict resolution committee
Wikborg Rein has its own ethics and conflict resolution committee, which consists of four experienced partners led by attorney Marius M. Gisvold. The committee oversees the adherence to the ethical rules set by both the Bar Association and the company itself. In regards to the intake of assignments and clients, any issues of doubt are determined by the ethics and conflict resolution committee.

Wikborg Rein&rsquos lawyers undergo regular training in ethical matters. The responsibility for arranging this training lies with the ethics and conflict resolution committee.

Wikborg Rein has a comprehensive set of internal ethical rules, a list of which can be found below. For more information about our internal regulations, please contact managing partner Finn Bjørnstad.