Board and Management

Wikborg Rein is a private limited company with a board consisting of eight people, including three employee-elected representatives. The firm is headed by a Managing Partner.


Geir Sviggum, Chairman
Ola Ø. Nisja, Board Member
Ketil E. Bøe, Board Member
Jan Erik Clausen, Board Member
Kaare Christian Tapper, Board Member
Kristine Frivold Rørholt, Employee-elected Board Member
Stian Holm Johannessen, Employee-elected Board Member
Cathrine Moen, Employee-elected Board Member
Nick Shepherd, Observer


Managing Partner: Finn Bjørnstad
CIO and Director of Marketing, Digitalization and Knowledge: Mette Ahlquist
CFO and Director of Finance and Corporate Services: Håvard Furu
Corporate Finance and Transactions: Kaare Christian Tapper
Industry, Technology and Public Sector: Kaare Andreas Shetelig
Energy and Shipping Offshore: Trond Eilertsen
Managing Partner Bergen: Jan Erik Clausen
COO Bergen: Heidi Skuterud

Responsible international offices

Managing Partner London: Chris Grieveson
Managing Partner Singapore: Ian Teare
Managing Partner Shanghai: Christian James-Olsen