Dag Mjaaland


About Dag

Dag Mjaaland is a Partner at Wikborg Rein's Oslo office and is part of the firm's Petroleum and Energy practice. Mjaaland heads Wikborg Rein's Russia team and holds a bachelor degree (Russian as intermediate subject) from the University of Oslo. He has extensive experience from the diplomatic service, most recently as Deputy Director General of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At Wikborg Rein, Mjaaland has for several years assisted Norwegian and international companies within the energy- and petroleum sector, as well as within the fishing industry. He has also advised comprehensively on EU/EEA-related issues as well as on international public law. Over the past years, Mjaaland has focused on issues relating to Natural Gas, and has successfully represented a number of buyers of Natural Gas in international negotiations and international arbitrations.

Work experience
1999- Partner, Wikborg Rein, Oslo_NEWLINE_1997-1999 Associate, Wikborg Rein, Oslo_NEWLINE_1983-1997 The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, most recently as Deputy Director General, Legal Department_NEWLINE_1980-1982 Assistant Lecturer, Department of Public and International Law, University of Oslo_NEWLINE_Publications:
1982 Cand. jur., University of Oslo_NEWLINE_1979 Bachelor of Arts (Intermediate subject: Russian), University of Oslo_NEWLINE_
Relevant experience
Extensive experience with disputes concerning competition law issues and price review under long term gas sales agreements, including negotiations and arbitration pursuant to the Rules of the ICC International Court of Arbitration and the Rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce_NEWLINE_Advice to gas buyers in negotiations of new gas purchase agreements and regarding inter alia volume and operational issues under current agreements_NEWLINE_Comprehensive experience with major energy projects, including power cable interconnectors between Norway and the European Continent_NEWLINE_Advice and litigation/arbitration concerning Norwegian-Russian relations, inter alia in the field of fisheries
"Arbitration Act § 13, second paragraph. Repeated appointments and arbitrators' impartiality in international relations" in Borgar H. Berg and Ola Ø. Nisja (red.), "Avtalt prosess - Voldgift i praksis" ("Agreed Process - Arbitration in practice"), Universitetsforlaget 2015_NEWLINE_Paper (degree examination): "Kjemiske og biologiske våpen - en krigsrettslig studie" (Norwegian) ("Chemical and Biological Weapons - a study of the Law of War")_NEWLINE_Articles on international law in Norwegian Law Review" 1985-86 (Norwegian)_NEWLINE_From 1993: Articles on legislation within the area of foreign affairs in Karnov; Annotated Compilation of Norwegian laws (Norwegian)