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    China opens up further to foreign investments

    China has shortened the two “Negative Lists” which enumerate the industries where foreign investment will either be prohibited or restricted. On 23 July 2020 the updated Negative Lists came into effect and replaced their 2019 versions. The update signals further opening-up of the Chinese market to foreign investors. Sectors now further opening up include service sector such as financial services, as wells as manufacturing and agriculture. Whilst sectors that remain unavailable includes oil and gas exploration, pipe network etc.

  • Shipping Offshore, China


    Notification is the key: The prevention principle, delay and extensions of time under shipbuilding contracts

    The decision in Jiangsu provides an in-depth analysis of how, if at all, the prevention principle applies to shipbuilding contracts and the importance of good contract management to notify and seek extensions for events of delay.

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    Not acceptable to terminate employment due to virus related reasons

    中国:不得因新冠肺炎疫情解除劳动关系 On 20 April China’s Supreme People’s Court issued guideline for virus related civil cases on employment, consumer protection, sale of medical equipment, protection of SME’s assets etc. Chinese courts are now instructed to reject companies terminating employees based on virus related reasons. 2020年4月20日,中国最高人民法院出台了《关于依法妥善审理涉新冠肺炎疫情民事案件若干问题的指导意见(一)》(“《意见》”),该《意见》主要就劳动、消费者保护、销售医疗设备、保障中小企业财产等方面提出指导意见。该《意见》要求中国各级人民法院作出不予支持用人单位因新冠疫情相关原因解雇员工的裁决。

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    Wikborg Rein assisted Elkem ASA in the aqusition of Polysil

    Wikborg Rein has proudly assisted Elkem ASA in one of the largest acquisitions ever conducted by a Norwegian-based company in China.