Corporate Responsibility

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    As one of Norway's largest and most international law firms Wikborg Rein represents many nationalities, languages and cultures. This is one of our strengths when assisting local and global clients from different countries within all areas from shipping and renewable energy to technology and digitalisation.

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    Responsible business

    Our most important resource is the knowledge of our employees. Knowledge is power, and this power can be used to make a positive difference in business and society.

  • Sustainability


    Equality and Diversity

    The corporate legal industry has traditionally been conservative and not adequately able to mirror the diversity that exists in the society around us. A leading law firm such as Wikborg Rein make a difference with regards to this, and we will therefore work to drive the industry in the right direction.

  • Corporate Responsibility


    The crisis fund – human rights activist was released

    In March, Oyub Titiev from Memorial was sentenced to four years in a prison colony settlement on the basis of a politically motivated case and falsified evidence. Through The Norwegian Helsinki Committee's Crisis Fund Wikborg Rein has covered some of the expenditures for three lawyers which have fought a tireless battle against the corrupt legal system and the dangerous working conditions in Chechenya. Now, finally, Titiev has been released.