Ship and rig recycling

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    “Harrier” – the first beaching case heard by Norwegian courts ends with a six month prison sentence for the shipowner

    In a recent decision, the Norwegian Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from a Norwegian shipowner over the Court of Appeal’s decision, which upheld the District Court’s conviction and sentencing of the shipowner to six months in prison for participating in an attempt to illegally export the barge carrier “Harrier” from Norway for demolition at Gadani, Pakistan.

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    Women in law series: Ina Lutchmiah

    In celebration of the International Women's Day on March 8th we’ve asked some of our female lawyers from across our international offices what it’s like being a woman in law today. Read our fourth interview – this time with Ina Lutchmiah.

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    Ship and Rig Recycling

    The sale and movement of vessels and drilling rigs for demolition and recycling is a highly regulated area, which engages a number of international rules including:

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    Recycling – where ships go to die

    A ship’s life cycle ends with it being dismantled and recycled. Up to 95 % of a ship’s weight is made up of steel, which can be sold and reused. A modern ­recycling process, which also includes the recycling of other materials, can be very efficient and is a positive step towards a greener shipping industry.