SO Webinar: The EU taxonomy explained and how it impacts the shipping industry and ship finance

In this webinar Elise Johansen and Andreas Fjærvoll-Larsen will explain how the EU Taxonomy is a tool to help all parties affected understand whether an economic activity is environmentally sustainable by asking; How the taxonomy is applied; What obligations follow and; How it directly and indirectly affects the shipping industry. They will also present the many sustainability initiatives within shipping and ship finance and discuss how the taxonomy might strengthen the initiatives already there and affect contracting practice.

Dato fra

19.05.2021 09.00

Dato til

19.05.2021 10.00



The EU taxonomy is a tool to help EU reach its environmental objectives. The ultimate aim is to encourage investment flows from the financial sector to companies engaged in or transitioning to more sustainable activities so that the EU can become carbon neutral by 2050. As the taxonomy enter into force, it will impact the entire shipping and ship finance universe, from institutional investors and financial institutions, to ship-owners, yards and service providers, as the interconnection of capital structures weaves each participant in some way materially into the evolving environmental expectations and standards of EU law and regulators. This will in turn affect both financing arrangement and operational contracts within the industry.


About Elise Johansen:

Elise Johansen is a Specialist Counsel at Wikborg Rein's Oslo office and is part of the firm's Sustainability, Climate and Ocean group. She is also a Professor of law and a part time senior researcher at the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea.

Johansen's field of expertise is international and national climate- and environmental law and the law of the sea, focusing especially on the interaction between climate law, sustainability goals and the law of the sea. Her field of expertise encompasses the development of sustainability law, including the legal development within the EU based on its Green Deal policy and the work with the EU taxonomy and related regulations. She advises clients in all the areas mentioned, both in relation to compliance and rule development, companies' strategy work in the areas of sustainability and climate.

About Andreas Fjærvoll-Larsen:

Andreas Fjærvoll-Larsen is a Partner at Wikborg Rein's Oslo office where he is heading the department for shipping- and offshore projects. Andreas has a broad international transaction practice focused on strategic advice and implementation of investments, joint ventures, bank-, bond- and project financings and restructurings within the maritime industries. He regularly assists Norwegian and international clients with negotiations of agreements for construction and conversion, sale and purchase, chartering, management and operation of ships, offshore units and ocean infrastructure.

Andreas is dual qualified as a Norwegian Lawyer and a Solicitor of England & Wales.