Shipping Offshore seminar

Wikborg Rein invites to the Annual Shipping and Offshore Seminar in Bergen on 22 September and in Oslo on 23 September.

Dato fra:
22.09.2015 08:30
Dato til:
22.09.2015 11:00

The seminar this year is set against the backdrop of the dramatic fall in the oil price and the implications for the shipping and offshore industry.

We shall look at the financing challenges and opportunities, renegotiating existing contracts, and the far-reaching consequences of the Petrobras scandal; we also ask what opportunities may follow as a result of the changing position on sanctions towards Iran.





Registration and breakfast/coffee









  Market Presentation 






  Refinancing - where is the money going to come from?



  Renegotiation - the harsh reality



  New opportunities - changing posisiton on sanctions 



  Petrobras scandal - where will it end?



  Closing remarks