Fredrik Hals


Om Fredrik

Fredrik er advokatfullmektig ved Wikborg Reins Oslo-kontor og er tilknyttet firmaets fagområde for M&A.

2020- Advokatfullmektig, Wikborg Rein, Oslo_NEWLINE_2018-2019 Daglig leder, Bagel & Juice AS _NEWLINE_2017-2018 Advokatfullmektig, Advokatfirmaet Selmer AS_NEWLINE_2015-2016 Trainee ved diverse advokatfirmaer_NEWLINE__NEWLINE__NEWLINE_
2017 Master i Rettsvitenskap_NEWLINE_2017 Utveksling, The University of Western Australia_NEWLINE__NEWLINE_


  • Mergers and Acquisitions, Skatterett, Korona


    Governmental support in the coronavirus situation

    The following gives an overview over the most relevant temporary measures put in place by the Norwegian government to mitigate the effects of the ongoing Covid19 situation with respect to the Norwegian industry and commerce. This article is last updated 20 March 2020 12:00 (CET). Please note that changes to the below-outlined measures may be made quickly, and that new measures are continuously being evaluated and put into force.