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    Public consultation on offshore wind power in Norway

    In July 2019, the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (the “Ministry”) presented a proposal to open up certain areas offshore Norway for the development and construction of offshore wind farms. In this article we will provide an overview of certain characteristics of those areas as well as the proposed new regulations related to offshore renewable energy production.

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    Wind power: NVE signals stricter deadlines for wind farm projects

    In a letter sent to all holders of installation licenses for wind farms in Norway, the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) informs of certain changes in their case handling of applications relating to extension of commissioning deadlines and MTA plan approval.

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    Juridisk bistand fornybar energi

    Wikborg Rein yter fullservice juridisk bistand innen fornybar energi, som vannkraft, vindkraft, strømnett, fjernvarme og andre klimavennlige energikilder. Vi gir råd til et bredt spekter av klienter i energibransjen, herunder kraftselskaper, internasjonale investorer, leverandører og entreprenører, långivere og andre aktører i kraftmarkedet.

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    New regulations to facilitate offshore wind in Norway on public hearing

    On 2 July 2019 the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy for the first time presented a proposal to open certain areas offshore the coast of Norway for construction of wind farms.