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    Uncertainties for the realisation of Unified Patent Court

    In a decision published 20 March, the German Constitutional Court declared the vote on the ratification act of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement void because the German Parliament did not pass the act with the required majority. The decision is published less than one month after the UK said it would not be seeking involvement in the system, and further support the growing speculations that the UPC will never get off the ground.

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    Strategi for Europas digitale framtid: Europakommisjonens "Digital Package"

    Nylig publiserte Europakommisjonen tre viktige strategiske dokumenter som skisserer deres ideer og visjoner for Europas digitale framtid. Et hovedmål er å opprette et europeisk datarom, "a genuine single market for data, open to data from across the world where personal as well as non-personal data, including sensitive business data," skal være sikre og tilgjengelige for virksomheter. Vårt Teknologi- og Digitaliseringsteam gir nedenfor en oversikt over vesentlige punkter fra den digitale pakken.