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Development opportunities and working environment

In Wikborg Rein the people are the most important resource. We encourage continuous learning and development, and focus on a good work environment.

Development Opportunities

Wikborg Rein believe everyone should experience continuous development in their careers. The company’s ambition is to ensure that we provide the best training and follow-up development for all our employees. All new employees  follow our on onboarding program. The onboarding program ensures new employees get to know us as a company and their new colleagues. In addition, lawyers participate in Wikborg Rein’s own training program, the Business Law School. This program provides an introduction to the company, what it means to be a business attorney, and what it takes to succeed in the role.  

Graduate lawyers are quickly assigned cases and are given responsibility and client contact early on. The majority of our lawyers receive their practicing certificate within the first three years.

As a company we believe it is important to focus on enhancing and developing skills throughout our careers. Working with ever-new challenges is the most important learning arena, but we also focus on regular professional updates in the form of internal and external courses, seminars and gatherings.

We encourage all our lawyers to gain valuable experience by applying for a position as a district court judge, a secondment or staying at one of our overseas offices in London, Singapore or Shanghai.

Our managers are offered leadership training where the focus is both on management in general and project management.

Working environment

People are our most important resource, and a good working environment is essential for employees to thrive and develop. We are committed to a company culture that believes in collaboration, community, mutual respect and individuality.  Our “we culture” ethos means we  pull together and support each other.

We are committed to creating a good and inclusive work environment. We encourage community and interaction by arranging a variety of  activities for our employees. We have our own corporate sports group that arranges regular work-outs, mountain hikes and winter swimming to name but a few. In addition, Christmas parties, summer parties and other social and professional gatherings are held. The entire company goes on a trip abroad every three years. On these trips we get to know colleagues from all our offices.  It gives us great memories, experiences and a strong sense of belonging.

Wikborg Rein have good leave and welfare arrangements. It is important for us to be able to facilitate an acceptable work-life balance. For our employees we have launched a number of different initiatives to support and facilitate in different stages of their careers.