Innovation and digitalisation

In an increasingly digitised business sector, we can’t just talk about the future of solutions. We have to deliver them now. Innovation and digitalisation are therefore at the core of Wikborg Rein's business strategy, and our customers' needs are the starting point for the new digital solutions we adopt. Through solid partnership and collaboration with relevant technology and innovation environments, we are continually improving our internal processes to provide increased value in the services we deliver to our customers.

Wikborg Rein delivers top quality combined with the latest and most effective technology on the market. We can offer automated contracts and documents, AI-based solutions for reviewing contract types and project management through market-leading solutions. In several of our areas, we can efficiently process large amounts of data using market-leading eDiscovery tools.

electronic signatures in 2022
active client portals
client portal users
The portal ensures that our clients have a good overview of their customer relationship and at all times have full access to the latest version of a document or the status of the project's finances.

WR Collab

All our digital tools are compiled and available in WR Collab. WR Collab is a digital service where we bring our digital products together in one place, focusing on the customer’s needs. The products we offer through this platform are made available to provide increased value and better interaction with our customers. Our work in digitalisation is primarily within three main areas:

  • Client portal and collaboration
  • Project tools
  • Document autimation

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Our digital products

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Cover image of article "3 – Digital Markets Act: Mer rettferdige digitale markeder"

3 – Digital Markets Act: Mer rettferdige digitale markeder

EUs nye forordning om åpne og rettferdige markeder i den digitale sektoren, Digital Markets Act ("DMA"), har trådt i kraft i EU. I dag er det et fåtall store plattformer globalt som i stor grad påvirker rammeverket for innovasjon, forbrukervalg og konkurranse i digitale markeder. Enkelte særlig store plattformer fungerer som såkalte portvoktere ("gatekeepers"). Gjennom å fastlegge plikter og forbud for slike portvoktere, søker de nye reglene å sikre rettferdig konkurranse i digitale markeder og å gi brukere større valgfrihet. DMA gir også EU-kommisjonen hjemmel for å ilegge sanksjoner som er sterkt påvirket av de sanksjonene EU har på konkurranserettsområdet.

Cover image of article "2 – Digital Services Act: Et tryggere digitalt rom"

2 – Digital Services Act: Et tryggere digitalt rom

EUs nye forordning Digital Services Act søker å skape et tryggere digitalt rom for innbyggere og virksomheter. Forordningen skal legge til rette for en større grad av demokratisk kontroll og tilsyn av internettbaserte plattformer (online plattformer), og redusere risikoen for manipulasjon, feilinformasjon og ulovlig innhold.

Cover image of article "New Guidelines and Recommendations on Data Protection at the Workplace"

New Guidelines and Recommendations on Data Protection at the Workplace

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Nw.: Datatilsynet) has recently published both updated guidelines on employees' whistleblowing and an interesting study on monitoring and control of employees' digital activities (both available only in Norwegian). Both these new initiatives relate to data protection at the workplace, and are relevant to all businesses.

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