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Sustainability and social responsibility are critical to Wikborg Rein's future success and reputation as a leading law firm and an attractive employer. Over the years, in support of our commitment to contribute to the sustainable development of society, the firm has supported various humanitarian and emergency aid organisations, rights organisations, individuals, and companies in need, through financial or pro-bono legal assistance.

Our ethical guidelines

Over the past century, Wikborg Rein has provided support to Norwegian and international companies worldwide, establishing itself as one of Norway’s largest and most prominent law firms. This success brings with it significant responsibility. With our headquarters in Norway, and offices in London, Singapore and Shanghai, it is imperative that we adhere to the applicable laws and regulations governing solicitors and our workforce in each location.

Sustainability reporting

In 2020, the firm signed an agreement with UN Global Compact (UNGC), committing to delivering sustainability principles and implementing measures that support the UN's sustainability goals.

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Our work in social responsibility has taken a number of forms over the years. The main goal has always been to support people in need via skilled organisations, for example with financial support or through pro-bono legal assistance.

Social responsibility

We believe in making a positive impact on the society around us. To achieve this, we have a pro-bono scheme where our lawyers provide free legal assistance to individuals, companies and associations. Additionally, we support several good initiatives with both pro-bono and financial support, including : Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Stine Sofie's Foundation, and One Ocean Expedition. You can learn more about these three partners here.

Legal experts on sustainability, environment and climate

Sustainability is a vital and strategic area of focus for Wikborg Rein. We have a dedicated team solely focused on sustainability initiatives, in addition to integrating sustainability into all of our professional areas.

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