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Diversity, inclusion and equality

"It's about who we are". At Wikborg Rein, diversity, inclusion, and equality are core values that shape the culture of the firm and we aim to be a preferred workplace for everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, sexual orientation and identity, and to facilitate different types of disabilities. The firm is committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected, valued, and equal, and can be themselves at work.

Wikborg Rein believes that the key to developing experience and knowledge is to have a working environment where our employees feel safe enough to lower their guard and be open about any challenges they face. Diversity, equality and inclusion build culture and unity, and we believe we become stronger when sharing experiences.

The firm is proud to be Norway’s most international law firm, with employees representing over 20 different nationalities, divided between six offices in Norway and abroad. This international presence provides a good balance of language, cultural background, and international experience.

Wikborg Rein is a workplace where employees can grow over time and through different phases of their life. We focus on facilitating opportunities for reduced workloads during the toddler phase or other demanding life situations .

Equality is rooted in Wikborg Rein's strategy and values. The firm has a stated goal of ensuring equality at all stages of the business, with a particular focus on this in hiring, career development, and the stipulation of working conditions. Read our Equality Statement 2022, (Norwegian).

For Wikborg Rein, diversity is about all the differences, features and experiences we represent, it’s about who we are.

"I believe a variety of backgrounds and experiences lead to a diverse mindset. It is part of the key to success."

Cecilia Mathisen, Head of People & Culture


In 2022, 70% of students who graduated with a master's degree in legal science from Norwegian universities were women. On a national basis, around 40% of Norwegian lawyers are women. Nevertheless, there is a lower proportion of female partners in Norwegian law firms. In the largest Norwegian law firms, there is only an average of 15-20% of female partners. Wikborg Rein is actively working to increase the percentage of women in the partnership. The firm has a clear goal to increase the proportion of women among partners in the years to come while maintaining a high proportion of women at a senior level in general. We are continually working on various initiatives, including recruitment, career progression and management development. Between 2016 and 2022, the percentage of women in the partnership in Wikborg Rein rose by 7.5%. As of the beginning of 2023, there were 15% female partners in Wikborg Rein. At the same time, 50% of our employees were women.


At Wikborg Rein, you have the safety to be yourself and to love whoever you want. The firm recognises that even though Norway and other western countries have come a long way in the fight for LGBTQI+ rights, the fight is over. Many people still feel that they cannot be themselves, including in the workplace, in fear of being socially ostracized ,or not accepted by their family or colleagues. This is not the case at Wikborg Rein. The firm has an LGBTQI+ group that works to create an inclusive working environment for those who identify as LGBTQI+. The group focuses on ensuring there is room to be oneself at work, whether this means having a different gender expression, being attracted to the same gender or all genders, or not feeling that you fit in with society’s categorisation of gender and gender expressions. There is room for you. In addition, events and markings are held to increase awareness and prevent discrimination against LGBTQI+ people in the workplace, including in connection with Pride.

Ethnicity and culture

Wikborg Rein strives to be a diverse and inclusive law firm, that values employees from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We recognise that cultural and ethnic diversity not only provides a more inclusive and varied working environment but also gives us greater knowledge that we can use in our relationship with clients.

We are aware of the challenges people from diverse backgrounds face in society, including everyday racism, unconscious biases, and lack of understanding. We are committed to maintaining a working environment where our employees do not encounter these problems.

At our firm, no one should feel discriminated against or treated differently due to ethnic or cultural background.

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