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Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property team consists of highly qualified lawyers with solid knowledge and extensive expertise in patent law, trademark law, design law and copyright, as well as the protection of business secrets, company names, domain names and database protection.

We provide advice and support to clients in all aspects of intellectual property law, including the management of intellectual property rights and disputes related to counterfeiting and unfair competition.   

Intellectual property rights are increasingly important for companies, and we understand the importance of safeguarding and enforcing these rights. Our team have a deep understanding that protecting and commercialising intellectual property rights provides incentives for research and development, while the intellectual property rights of others present challenges for businesses to navigate.  

We have a wealth of experience in offering guidance on intellectual property rights management, including providing advice in patent cases related to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, oil and gas and within the aquaculture industry. We also regularly assist in disputes concerning counterfeits and illegal trade secrets usage.  

We also offer support in matters concerning marketing law and we are available to assist with conflicts with competitors.  Our expertise extends to matters before the courts, as well as the Norwegian Competition Committee.   

We offer

  • Strategic advice related to the management of intellectual property rights
  • Establishment of IPR strategies
  • Preparations and negotiations of agreements such as licence agreements, transfer agreements, collaboration agreements and research and development agreements
  • Handling of disputes and procedure before the courts
  • Assistance in connection with transactions together with our M&A team, with a focus on securing, protecting and evaluating intellectual property rights
  • Advisory services related to marketing legislation, including the handling of disputes for the Competition Committee of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NKU) and general courts
  • Management of intellectual property rights in employment

The lawyers in the team are among the market’s leaders and are recognised in a number of international rankings. Several have experience in legislative work and research. 


Consumer, marketing and e-commerce

Our team has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with the regulatory framework for marketing, consumer protection and e-commerce.

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Artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT and GPT-4, is challenging the established state of the law. There are currently multiple ongoing law suits which should interest intellectual property lawyers.

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