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Restructuring and corporate management

Establishing comprehensive structures and guidelines to assist the shareholders, board and management in effectively managing the company's resources is vital. To create long-term value, a sustainable company must balance economic, social and environmental factors. By being conscious of sustainability risks and opportunities, a company can ensure high returns and effective achievement of its goals over time.

We understand that sound ownership management and corporate management practices reduce risk, add value, and minimise the risk of reputational damage to investors and contractors. Compliance with laws and regulations is key, but transparency and trustworthiness are also essential. We help clients identify and differentiate ownership and management responsibilities to ensure sustainable and responsible corporate management.

To achieve this, businesses must have the following in place:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure the company's progress towards achieving its sustainability goals
  • Risks and opportunities assessments associated with sustainability (climate risk and other ESG risk);
  • Procedures for ESG due diligence as a basis for investment decisions
  • Internal guidelines for how the company integrates regulatory requirements and considerations for sustainable value creation

We assist clients in strategic assessments of their business’s sustainability goals, and help put in place routines and guidelines to implement sustainable ownership and corporate management. We help develop the documentation and internal management documents that provide investors and contractors with the information required to assess the company's ESG status.